What could happen at a mile-long table?

A Mile-Long Table for the Mile-High City…

We live in the Mile High City. We celebrate victories at Mile High Stadium, we hike 14ers and we even have a magazine named for our altitude.

5,280 may perfectly encapsulate the Rocky Mountain peaks to the west and the vibrant spirit of an ever growing and diverse city. But what if ten years from now 5,280 was synonymous with something more profound?

Early Summer 2023, we will gather together in City Park to nourish our bodies, to share unforgettable conversations, to go beyond building bridges and to celebrate good around a mile-long table.

Our desire is to encourage connection between the vast, diverse and beautiful people who make up our city and to motivate every guest to reclaim their own table for good – the tables in their home, neighborhood and workplace.

Actual length (in feet) of our table

# of people who will sit at our table

# of 8-foot tables

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We believe in the power of the table – and shared meal – as a place to be seen, heard and known. As our culture polarizes, the table reveals our shared humanity and fundamental sameness and holds the potential for peace-making, understanding and togetherness. 

We hope this event will inspire a rediscovery of the shared meal and compel our city and and nation to return to the table. 


660 hosts representing communities from all over Denver will sponsor each table and personally invite seven people. Teams of volunteers will construct the table and 53+ Denver-area restaurants will provide the food.